What Friendship Is…… ?

Friendship is the hardest thing to explain. Its not something that you learn in school, but if you haven’t learnt the meaning of friendship , you haven’t learned anything

 – Muhammad Ali

He was right according to me as from the last 14 years , since the time I started my schooling , I couldn’t figure it out what does a friend really means but still I had many of them , really many of them.

I believe that all that I had from childhood is my friends but I don’t know whether everyone thinks so. As a child, Films and cartoons always influenced me. I was inspired by many characters those days , “Sid” , the mammoth and the “Saber-tooth” in ice age , Timon and Pumbaa, The Lion King, “Ash”, “Brook” and “Misty” in Pokemon, Hermione, Ron and Harry Potter and many more, simple selfless relationships called “Friendship”.

We all get inspired ‘From shows and movies , don’t we? Even I started believing in true Friendship and began the search for genuine people and true friends in this “Real World”.

My parents’ occupation was one of the main reason I had so many friends because they had to travel a lot and so do I, I have changed as many as like 8 schools in different states till I passed out after 12th. So actually I have friends  all across the country but the thing that actually breaks my heart is when I have to leave them. Some stay in touch and some don’t. I used to try my level best but slowly everything fades out.

As time passes friendship just remains as a happy birthday post or a happy new year or Diwali message and it ends just to be another type of formality.

One of my friend once told me that for a moment some people would be very close and important for you but you know that you can’t stick to them for your entire life,

You would have to leave them some day , so she had her mind made up, she had accepted the fact, and that’s when those two words sneak in MOVE ON !!! From that very moment you move on, all those moments all those feelings all that attachments you had for each other just shrinks to some words, “Hey Dude! Stay in touch”. These words are actually very shallow, there is a saying ” out of sight out of mind”, for the fact you have moved on already.

Actually that’s the moment when I start to think what friendship is? Is it just a mutual relationship which just helps you to make your life a bit more merrier and puts you in ease with life’s hardships and when you’re done with it you just say thank you to each other and leave. I have seen people leaving there friends to be just memories so easily as if they were some stranger down the street to whom they asked for directions to help themselves when they were lost.

When I see all this I doubt on the relationships that we share with our Parents and siblings they also help us and guide us through our life, they try to make us happy and I think a day would come when we will be thanking them For their service too and expecting them to “move on” !! Because we have!.

What an irony sometimes it is, a person’s friends list on Facebook reads 2432 -Friends and the status update says “FEELING: GLOOMY 🙁  ALL ALONE… ”  with Suraj an 42 others. I Really feel pity for these people. I would blame the technology for this in someway. In this age we can fake everything, a happy birthday post , a status update, messages, smiles, likes and some comments on our profile picture can show the love and concern that you never had for a person. Sometimes I find Facebook and WhatsApp and other social networking sites as a bane in disguise. There was a time when people used to send post cards and hand written letters or otherwise there were landlines, to call them and send postcards took effort so it really matters rather than the  likes and comments that you post just with a click of a finger.

I won’t ask people to die for your friend but appreciate their importance in your life and most importantly spend time with them not money on them. Talk a lot , not on WhatsApp or Facebook; face to face, if its your friends birthday instead of  writing HBD on their wall, call them , give them a visit, throw them a surprise party. All these things actually counts and by the time you are cursing Anushka Sharma for Virat Kohli’s deteriorating form , debating about Narendra Modi’s latest campaign, trolling on 12th board toppers or lusting for Sunny Leone, all it takes is just a phone call or a letter to brush up all those memories because when you leave this earth, the only thing that you have earned is just memories some for yourself and some for others.

Thank You

Written by My personal Psychologist and Friend Abhijith MS

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