‘Manipur Sangai Festival’ – The Most Grandeur Celebration Of North-Eastern State

Formed in the late 1970s, The State of Manipur is filled with unimaginable beauty of nature and purity of resources perfectly blend with the honesty and dignity of the people living there. Every tourist who come to the state falls in love with the beautiful hills, parks, valleys and including lake as well. Manipur has Loktak as the largest lake in the state which seems young and wide scaling to the end of the hills. The Dzukou Valley on the border of Manipur and Nagaland is also a must-watch if you’re visiting the place for first time. Also, it has a popular Kangla Fort which has many ancient temples including Sanamahi Temple. For connectivity, Tulihal Airport commonly known as Imphal Airport has been established which is said to be India’s second largest airport in northeastern region. The airport has also been upgraded as an International airport as the number of visitors growing and promoting tourism. If you’re an animal lover, Keibul National Park might be a best option for you to spend your day out. It has many endangered species of animals including brow antlered deer. Some people also believed that this is the only floating national park of the world. Few miles away has Zoological Gardens which have the state’s animal ‘Sangai‘. The rare species animal is only found in Manipur and also there’s popular festival named after this animal called ‘Sangai Festival‘ celebrated every year from 21 November – 30 November. The festival is the celebrated in the capital city of state i.e Imphal and suburbs. Let’s talk about it in detail :-

Manipur Sangai Festival‘ is celebrated every year for 10 days in the state of Manipur from 21st to 30th November. The festival has been named after the State animal called as ‘Sangai‘, a brow-antlered deer, found only in Manipur. Every year people of Manipur organize the event where they showcase their rich and ancient tradition and culture to the world. The festival has been started in the late 2010 after which it received great feedback and since then grows into one of the biggest and most grandeur festival of the north-eastern state. The festival has became a popular way of spending your day between the people and positive vibes of Manipur. But We’re sure that very few of us would have known about this festival. So, how did the 2017 ‘Sangai Festival‘ go ? Let’s find out.

This year the ‘Manipur Sangai Festival‘ was inaugurated by the President of India Ram Nath Kovind. The festival was proved to be another successful milestone by the administration and organizers of the festival. During the festival, people enjoyed the various cultural events, indigenous sports activities, shopping and music & entertainment. The festival also reflect the Manipur’s unique and fresh cultural heritage. It also brings people together to experience the handlooms and handicrafts products across the state. There were also many food stalls in the venue introducing to the state’s cuisines together. It also had fish curry popularly known in Manipur as ‘Nga-thongba‘ and also mustard beans (Ooti) including a special dish prepared with boiled vegetables and fermented fish (Eromba). For people coming from Northern region, they can enjoy spicy food such as Singju (a spicy traditional salad), Bora (pakoda), etc in the festival.

As compared to earlier editions of the ‘Sangai Festival‘, the 2017 year’s proved to be more successful as the number of visitors coming have meant to be increased. This time the festival has been organized in different locations of Imphal and Bishnupur district. Here presenting you some of the highlights of ‘Manipur Sangai Festival‘ in the form of pictures taken beautifully by our respondent Senator Angom, enjoy the view 🙂



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