How to Create a Business Account on Instagram (2018)

With over 700 million active users on Instagram, it makes it one of the popular and best choice of promoting your business.  Launched on 6 October 2010, Instagram has been growing and evolving continuously. Although, Instagram Inc. is owned by Facebook Inc, it seems like an independent hand of the company. Since last few years, the Business account on Instagram have doubled as compared to the last 5 years.

1. Why Open a ‘Business Profile’

Be it a small e-commerce firm, a fashion designer or even a general blogger can easily create his/her Business account on Instagram. Also, the ‘Business Profile‘ on Instagram gives you more insights and statistics about your viewers. Apart from that it also gives you various business tools to that you can easily understand your audience.As compared to Twitter or Facebook, Instagram allows you to manage your account and profile directly from your smartphone. Also, the accessibility and simplicity of using the app makes it the No. 1 choice for business.

With the use of ‘Business Acccount‘ on Instagram, it is very to promote your profile, products, or even a post easily. As you may know, Instagram is a mobile based social app which share images and videos only. Furthermore, the stories feature can be used to let your audience know more about you or your business. Therefore, with your creative and technical skills, you can able promote yourself, a business, etc. Due to the above reasons, it is almost very important to have a ‘Business Account’ and profile on Instagram.

2. Must Do’s To Create a ‘Business Profile’

Before you can actually create your ‘Business Account’ on Instagram, there are certain things which you must do. We have mentioned some of the major things to do in a step by step guide. Please see below for further reference:

  • Step 1: You must download the Instagram app from Google Play Store for Android users and from iOS store for iPhone users
  • Step 2: Before creating a Business Profile, it’s important for you to create a Facebook page for your business

Note: If you’re planning to open a ‘Business Profile’ on your personal Instagram account, then you must have a separate Business page of yourself on Facebook. With the help of that Facebook page, Instagram will be able to link your account your Business Profile.

  • Step 3: If you already have a Facebook page, thumbs up to you, if not create one for yourself (or for your business)
  • Step 4: Now, you’re all set to enable ‘Business Account’ on Instagram

3. Set Up Your Instagram ‘Business Profile’

This is how your ‘Business Profile’ will look like (Credit : Instagram)

So, here we’ll explain to you how you can easily set up your ‘Business Profile’ on Instagram. As mentioned earlier, anybody who has his/her own Facebook page or their business can create a Business account. So, it’s important for you to decide, for which purpose you’re creating ‘Business Profile’. Here We’re assuming that you want to create a business account for your small e-commerce company ‘ABC Ltd’.

Note: The process of setting up of business account for your business or for your own self is same. Only thing you need is a separate Facebook page to link your Instagram account with. Also, please authorize the Instagram app to use your Facebook page profile and details.

Before any further delay, let’s show you in step by step how you can set up your Instagram ‘Business Profile’:

Step 1: Open your Instagram account of ‘ABC Ltd’ on the app

Step 2: Go to the settings option in the right corner of your profile

Step 3: Scroll down the options and You’ll find a option ‘Switch to Business Profile’

Step 4: Clicking on the option will take you to a page, it will say:

“Instagram for Business

Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Page to connect with and learn about you followers

View all feature.. “

Step 5: At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a option ‘Continue as ABC Ltd’

Step 6: And now, it’s time to connect your Instagram to your Facebook page of ‘ABC Ltd’

Step 7: After this, you need to write your personal details such as phone number, email id, address, etc based on your requirements

Note: With the help of these detail, customers (audience) will be able to contact your business easily and know more about it at the same time.

Step 8: Completing successfully the previous step will redirect your profile into a Business Profile. You’ll see a pop-up message saying “Welcome, Your business info is now on your profile. Use the new feature to grow your business on Instagram.”

Step 9: Now, you will see the type of business you company ‘ABC Ltd’ deal with right below your profile.

Step 10: Enjoy and manage your business profile.

4. Statistics and Insights

After successfully completing your ‘Business Profile’ you an see the Analytics, Stats and important insights of your profile. You can view details such as location of viewers, gender variations, origin of cities, hours of visits etc. These number and data will help you understand and analyze your audience and helps in future planning. Furthermore, you’ll also get details such as impressions, text clicks (if any), email clicks, reach of your posts, etc.

For example,

Sample insights of your ‘Business Profile’ (Credit : Instagram)
Insights of origin cities (Credit : Instagram)
Insights on profile ‘ufodigitalcinema’ (Credit : Instagram)

So, in this way you can create a ‘Business Account’ and profile on Instagram and help your business to grow even further in the world of Internet.

If you still have any questions or query regarding the above matter, please leave your comment below We’ll be happy to answer it.

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