Android P Top Features : How to Install on Your Smartphone

Get ready to experience the new flavor of Android as Google released the first developer preview of it’s next Android P online. Surprising everyone from it’s release, Google has decided to put up the buzz around the upcoming Android P for all the users out there. Although, it’s just on it’s first stage of development, the news of next version of Android has made the industry enjoy a sweet-corn.

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According to some reports, the first OTA update will be available for Google Pixel users and then spread out widely. Here We’ll discuss the top features of the new Android P that you might see in your Oreo-powered smartphone in future. Furthermore, We’ll also brief about how you can easily install the new Android P on your device. Here’s what’s new in the initial release of Google’s Android P:

1. Android P – Top Features

Indoor Positioning

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With the help of your smartphone’s radio waves, magnetic fields and such sensor information, Google’s Android P will get your destinations more accurately. In the latest version of World’s popular OS Android, users will be able to access the feature of ‘Indoor Positioning‘. The Google maps will make sure that you’re navigation as correctly and easily inside a building just like in outside. Furthermore, the search engine has used technology called as WiFi ‘Round-Trip-Time‘ (RTT). The RTT technology, which uses 802.11mc, will make point current location accessible by  the developers to determine your distance from the nearest WiFi access point.


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This is one such line where Google continues to improve even further from the Android Lollipops’ release. The proper and smart handling of notifications in a smartphone makes Android much better than iOS. With the upcoming latest Android P, Google is gonna make it even more better. Now, Android P users can not only reply directly from notification panel but also in a more convenient and quick way. As mentioned in the Android P’s preview release, it will now have images and stickers in the notification row. Therefore, by seeing the images along with the message directly from the notification bar, users can reply to their loved ones more effectively. There isn’t any separate Smart Reply system in the new Android, anyways. Although, this feature will surely help save user’s time and power efficiency of the smartphone.

Multi-camera Support

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With the launch of Android P in near future, users will also see the multi-camera support feature. This feature will help directly communicate with the smartphone’s software (camera app) and it’s hardware. As we’re seeing more and more dual, trio, or even quad-camera smartphone, this feature might be a bang in the industry. According to the multi-camera support features, the future dual or more rear (or front) camera smartphone users will be able to access the their camera simultaneously, similar to the Nokia 8‘s ‘Bothie‘. Furthermore, with this feature Android OEMs will be able to put iPhone X like “Notch” in Android smartphone.


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In the security department also, Google has put lot of efforts to keep the it more sophisticated platform in Android P. The new Android P will prevents inactive apps in your smartphone to access sensitive hardware such as mic or camera. In today’s fast changing environment, the thing of privacy is a needful thing for almost all users. After a user marked these as idle, these apps and sensors will no longer will it until it changes the settings. Additionally, Android P will have backup encryption feature with a client-side secret and per-network randomization of MAC addresses as well. As far as biometrics are concerned, the latest Android P will also have better fingerprint scanning and UI improvements.

2. How to Install Android P Preview 1 on Your Smartphone

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As a normal user, there’s a less chance that you’ll end up installing the Android P Developer Preview. Although, we would also like to throw light that the new Android P will officially be supported by Google’s Pixel devices. The Pixel phones include Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. As you may already know, these are the high-end smartphone made by Google itself. It will get all the latest security patches and updates directly from the Google. Upcoming Android P is available for Android Emulator as well. To install the Android P Preview version on your Pixel smartphone, you need to manually install the flash system images. Furthermore, it must be noted that users of Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P won’t be getting the Android P updates.

Note : It is NOT recommended to install the Developer Preview 1 of Android P on your smartphone especially if it being a primary one. As it’s in a very unstable 1st stage, the Android P preview version might misbehave and have lots of bugs.

The new Android P being in the developer stage, interested users need to wait until the stable Android Beta version is officially out. Final version of the Google‘s Android P will be expected in the August month of 2018. For users planning to install the Android P on your smartphone, they need to manually download the flash system links. Click here to redirect the official developer page. Also, please read full instructions of installing.

Stay tuned for more updates !

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