Data Leak : Your Personal Data Isn’t in Safe Hands with Third Party Applications

Since the news of data breach from the world’s most popular social networking giant – Facebook broke on the Internet and then all around the world, it has become very important to protect our personal and private data. Not all of us are tech savvy, however, being a responsible netizens and users we surely need to take some steps. It has now become an utmost important to protect your privacy and be more alert about your data sharing. With around 300 million smartphone users in the country, the data breach and theories become more important. Additionally, the Facebook users stood at around 250 million (25 crore) in the country ranging from children to senior citizens as well.

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Do you know the top ten friends of yours who are close to your heart ? What rating will you get for your profile and smile ? How’s your past or future of life ? How many marriages will you have in future ? These are some of the interesting questions which makes you unstoppable to open them and share them on Facebook.

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Facebook users, with the help of such websites and links, tries to increase their popularity and profile ratings. But very few of them know that these third party Facebook apps (or links) can cause your data a serious problem. Speaking further, these apps are not only vulnerable to your personal and private data but also can hack your accounts at times. Experts believe that, these kind of applications are only developed and made available on the Facebook platform. These applications can take all your personal profile data (such as email address, DOB, friend list, etc) and can even sell them to other social media companies for a nominal rates. This process is called as data mining and are common on the Android platforms these days.

Take Care of these points

  • Please read all the permission accessibility before clicking on the ‘I agree’ button
  • Be yourself sure about the links or the apps before opening it on the Facebook app
  • Always check the developer’s website and evaluate it’s credibility
  • Also, don’t forget to check the ratings and feedback from other users on Facebook
  • NEVER share your personal or private information to any of these apps (even if you think it’s okay to do so)
  • In case of doubt, go to settings > apps > disable

How to secure your data ?

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There are various ways and steps by which you can secure your data from these third party apps. We all use Facebook for different reasons. While many of us use it to keep our loved ones and friends updated about your life, many of them also keep themselves updated with the news and happenings around the world. Coming back to the point, users can secure their with this method. Go to the home menu of the Facebook app and click on the private settings option. You’ll get many sub options after clicking this tab. Please find the option titled as ‘Ad, apps and websites’. The next screen will show you all the third party apps, websites or any other platforms who’re using your Facebook data. You can then edit the unwanted apps and remove them from accessing your Facebook as well as secure your data.

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